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Central Minds is a Brisbane Psychology clinic for young people and adults.


The clinic provides a modern hub from which independent Psychologists deliver evidence-based psychological treatments.


Dr Dawn Proctor (Owner), Iris Huang and Leigh-Anne Ryan practise from the clinic.



Dr Dawn Proctor’s waiting list is now closed (updated September 2021)



At Central Minds you will have the space for:

REFLECTION – to better understand your own reasons for getting help. Using your insight and self-awareness to promote healing and resilience. Making a conscious choice about how you want to live your life.


CLARITY – making sense of your concerns. Developing an individualised plan for treatment based on a clear understanding of the problem. Exploring how the issue developed, how it is being maintained and how to build on your strengths to achieve long term relief.


BALANCE – evidence based tools and techniques that map to your treatment plan and meet your goals. Feel the benefit of breaking the cycle and achieving balance in your life.

Medicare ProviderMember Australian Psychological Society of AustraliaPsychology Board of Australia

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“The power of awareness changes our wellbeing.“